Manufacturing firms and suppliers in Limburg get a digital acceleration boost_Limburgers Worldwide
Article provided by POM Limburg

Manufacturing firms and suppliers in Limburg get a digital acceleration boost

The manufacturing industry in Limburg is an essential part of our province's economic fabric. But to remain competitive, it's essential for this industry to go digital. The only problem is, it's not easy to collectively take all the outputs of a production system (cost, quality, flexibility, etc.) to a higher level. That's why Voka - Limburg Chambers of Commerce, Sirris and POM Limburg are launching the SALKturbo project 'Maturity Acceleration 4.0'. This project will give Limburg-based manufacturing companies and their suppliers insight into their current digitisation model, an individual roadmap to help them on their way and the opportunity to connect and work out digital knowledge and solutions within Industry 4.0. "We are targeting 20 Limburg-based manufacturing companies which we will guide intensively, so that they can successfully roll out Industry 4.0".
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Article provided by
POM Limburg
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